Valentines Day Tips

Here’s a frugal tip for Valentines day. Instead of spending lots of money on a present, try giving a Valentines coupon book. Give your spouse what they probably want most of all; some of your time.

Here’s what I’ve done in the past. Create some coupons on paper, cut them out, then put a piece of construction paper on the front and back and staple them together. Since I’m not very artistic, I made my coupons using clip art and a graphics program, and printed them out. If you have more talent than I do you could draw your own graphics. The most important part is what does your spouse get when she redeems the coupons. Here are some ideas, but don’t let this list stop you.

  • ValentinesA special dinner cooked by you
  • A coupon to clean the bathrooms
  • A massage
  • A coupon to clean the whole house
  • A foot rub
  • A night without the kids
  • A coupon for you to do Laundry for a week

Basically, the coupons should be for something special you will do for your spouse. One other thing I did was to put expiration dates on the coupons. If there was no expiration date, my spouse would be more likely to put the coupons away, and forget about them. This way she wanted to make sure she got to use them before they expired.

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