Why Be Frugal?

Why would anyone want to be frugal? That’s like being cheap, right? Who wants to be known as cheap? Being cheap is no fun. Giving up everything fun just so you can save some money. What is that all about?

There is a difference between being cheap and being frugal. Being frugal means that your are wise with your money. You are not spending money on things that you don’t need. Instead you are careful and make sure that you get the most for the money that you do spend. Being creative and finding ways to have fun without spending money can become a game. Having a fun date with your spouse without spending hundreds of dollars just comes naturally.

Well, maybe being frugal doesn’t come naturally to you, but you know that you are spending too much right now. Maybe you are in debt, your credit cards are maxed out, and you know something needs to change.

Why would you go through the hassle of being frugal? Why would you bother to track what you spend, and spend only on what your need? Is it really worth the hassle? There are many reasons that you should choose to be frugal.

  1. You will be less stressed
  2. Won’t have to work as much
  3. Be prepared for emergencies
  4. Retire early
  5. It’s better for the environment
  6. Get out of Debt and stay out of Debt

You will be less stressed

Stressed Woman


If you are being frugal and living within your means, you won’t have as much stress as you did before. You are spending less money than you make, so you won’t be worried about being able to pay your bills, or have mounting debt on your credit cards.

How great would it feel to know that you have the money to pay for everything that you are buying. Once you are living the frugal life you won’t be scraping by to pay bills at the end of the month. You will be sleeping better because you are not worried about creditors. Worrying about losing your car or your house, or having food on the table will be in the past.

It is so freeing when you live frugally.

Won’t have to work as much

If you are mounting up debt, or trying to keep up with the neighbors, you probably are working more than you need to. If you live frugally, you won’t have to work as much. Are you working more overtime just to get extra money to pay the bills? Live frugally and spend that extra time with your family.

Are you working more than one job? Or are both you and your spouse working just so you can get by? You don’t have to live like this. If you are frugal and spend wisely, you won’t have to work as much because you aren’t spending as much money.

At first, as you are trying to get our of debt, you may decide to work more, but this won’t last forever.

Being frugal will prepare you for emergencies

Crashed car needing repair

Car Repairs

Right now, what happens if something breaks? What happens when the car breaks down, or you have a health emergency? What happens when you have a plumbing problem at your house?

Spending less than you make means you are able to save money every month. You are able to build up savings. The first thing you are going to do when you start to live frugally is to build up an emergency fund. This will be used when something unexpected happens and needs to be paid for. Having money saved in an emergency fund will mean that you can pay for life’s unexpected events. You won’t have to put one more thing on a credit card. You won’t have to go into more debt for an emergency.

Life is full of unexpected events. You really need to expect the unexpected. When you have built your emergency fund, you will be prepared and won’t have to worry about what might happen next week. If you are living frugally, you are prepared and have saved money for this occasion.

Being frugal allows you to retire early

Maybe you want to retire early. Do you really want to work until you are 70 in the job you are currently in?

Maybe you want to stop working as soon as you can, and volunteer.

If you are frugal you can retire early, and do all of those things that you’ve always wanted to do. By being frugal, you have saved so much more money than the average person. This means that you have more in savings, and retirement accounts than most people. You will be able to use this saved money to live on during your retirement.

Also, by being frugal, you have learned to live on less. This means that when you retire, your retirement savings will go further, because you don’t spend as much money everyday as most people do.

Being frugal is better for the environment

Maybe you want to be good to the environment. When you live a frugal life, you are consuming less. You buy fewer things so there are fewer things that you throw away. This leads to less in the landfills. You will probably buy in bulk, which means less wasted packaging. You are only buying what you need, so you don’t have those impulse buys that always end up in the trash.

As a frugal person, you are less wasteful. Buying fewer things means that these things were never made, creating less pollution. You buy things that you need and things that will last.

Get out of Debt and stay out of Debt

If you live frugally, you will spend less money than you make, and will be able to pay off you debts. You may not pay them off immediately. It probably took you years to build up the debt that you have, so it may take nearly as much time to pay it off. The important point is to pay it off.

Once your debt is paid off, you should never get in debt again. You have learned to live frugally, so you have saved for emergencies. You know how good it feels to not owe anyone money, so you will do everything possible not to get in debt again.

So now that you see why it is so great to be frugal, check out all of our frugal articles on how to save money.

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