Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Frugal Living for the Family

You don't have to be poor to be frugal. There are many reasons a family can decide to be frugal. You may want to save money for your kids college, or retire early, or you may be trying to help the environment by not wasting resources.

Whatever your reason, we want to try to give you the information, and tips you need to save money, get great deals, and recycle used items. Don't consider the names of tightwad, penny-pincher or cheapskate as derogatory, but as a badge of success.

fru·gal (fröö´gel)
1 not wasteful; not spending freely or unnecessarily; thrifty; economical
2 not costly or luxurious; inexpensive or meager [a frugal meal]

Featured Deal

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