Credit Cards: The Best for Cash Back, Rebate and Rewards

Here are some of the credit cards that we recommend. Each of these cards will give something back to you, instead of costing you money. These cards do not charge an annual fee, and all will give you a little something back when you use them wisely. I am not suggesting that you need to get more credit cards, but you may find a better deal with one of these cards and be able to get rid of one of your current credit cards. If you are following the guidelines in Right Way to Use Credit Cards, then you should be using one of these cards.

Cash Back Credit Cards

All of the credit cards in this category will actually give you cash back. Most will mail you a check once a year. On some of the cards you have to reach a certain minimum amount before they will send you a check. These are the best deals you can find, getting paid to buy things that you are going to buy anyway. Just remember to only charge what you can afford to pay off when you get the bill each month.

Discover Card® – Up to 5% Cash Back.

  • No annual fee.
  • 5% Cashback Bonus(R) on Get More Program purchases throughout the year.
  • Up to 1% Cashback on all other purchases
  • DOUBLE your Cashback Bonus (turn $20 into $40) when you redeem for gift cards or certificates from many of our 40 brand name partners.

Rebate Credit Cards

Rebate credit cards won’t give you cash back, but they will give you credit at the retailers store. Usually the cards give you more credit for shopping at their store, but you will still earn rebates no matter where you shop.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card – Great if you shop at

  • 5% back on Amazon purchases
  • 2% back on restaurant, gas stations and drug stores
  • 1% back everywhere else
  • The credits are easily used when you check out at Right on the page with your payment option is the option to use your earned credits, couldn’t be easier.

Rewards Credit Cards

Instead of offering cash back, this group of cards offers reward points when you use the cards. These reward points can be redeemed for items such as free air tickets, discount airfare tickets, or free hotel stays. Please check with each card to see what kind of rewards you can claim and how many points you need to claim them. If you like to travel these cards can be great ways to earn free or discounted trips.

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