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Save Money On Gasoline For Your Automobile

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The gas that we fill our tanks with every week adds up to be quite an expensive bill over the months and years. Thirty dollars a week in gas adds up to over $1500 a year. That's $1500 additional dollars needed just to drive something you already own (or making payments on).

Small changes in your driving habits can save you hundreds every year. It's really not as difficult as you might think to increase your fuel mileage.


Here are ten short gas saving tips that you can start using today. Most of these tips can be immediately put into use and cost absolutely nothing! What can be better than saving money for FREE?


Keep track of your mileage for one week (7 days) BEFORE you start implementing these gas saving tips. The following week, start practicing these tips and keep track of the mileage for another seven days.

Nothing elaborate. Use the re-setable odometer found in most vehicles or simply use a post-it note in your car. You might find yourself saving $5-$10 a week which works out to $260-$520 annually!


Simple yet extremely effective, these tips can help you start saving money immediately off your gas bill.

Regardless of what gas saving tips you are able to use from this article, keep in mind that SAFETY is the most important concern on the road. NEVER jeopardize the safety of you or the other drivers around you at any time. . . period.

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